GAN Tuning.


GAN Tuning.

GAN Tuning your vehicle increases the performance of your vehicle with a single device.

Karl Chopra, Business Manager at Design911

GAN Tuning was previously running on Joomla and was becoming very difficult to manage the large product count, as well as the content.

Visually Digital took on Karl’s project, knowing the full-size of the project consisted of over 8,000 individual pages and rebuilt their site with additional features and speed!

By fully utilising WordPress and WooCommerce, Visually Digital rebuilt GAN Tuning’s entire website and rebuilt their website with improvements made at every turn.

To help bring Karl’s project to life, we used:

  • WordPress & WooCommerce with a Custom-Built Theme
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript with WordPress-based PHP
  • WordPress API v2
  • Advanced Custom Fields PRO
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
GAN Tuning Full Page Screenshot